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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Terry Pratchett R.I.P

I know I haven't done one of these for a while and really should have put up a tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Dr Spock) as well if it wasn't for the inconvenient fact that I'm not much of a Star Trek fan.

However I am a fan of Discworld and Pratchett in general, so his death from Alzheimer's related complications was right out of the blue.  First picked up his work from the local library as a kid, not his mainline stuff but the Diggers trilogy and Only You Can Save Mankind (which I haven't read in ages something to do with video games).  They had a sci-fi and fantasy section round the back of the teen section so quickly found the Discworld series there, think it was the graphic novel version of The Colour Of Magic that they had as well which was cool.

A good inversion of the regular fantasy tropes and styles which is of course much needed, I still rate Guards Guards and Witches Abroad as the pinnacle of what he did and recently read And I Shall Wear Midnight, which for a kids book touches on a few themes of witch hunts and lynch mob mentality that you wouldn't expect in a book aimed for kids.

Though, there is so many good characters of his I could illustrate this with, I figured it would be best if I would leave you with this photo I found online, as he didn't care about the gods like me.

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