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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ideal Home 2015

Some better news and that, first up, Fox have finally committed to making more X Files, apparently they have Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on board to make 6 episodes starting in the summer, now all they need is to lure Vince Gilligan from Better Call Saul and have him write for them again as his episodes were always ace.

Also before our main feature I will give you fellow limeys a heads up. Film 4 are having a Studio Ghibli season  (today's feature was the UK version of Arrietty with Olivia Coleman and Geraldine McEwan on excellent voice duty) looks like they'll be Ponyo complete with its ropey Western opening song and My Neighbour Totoro. Fingers crossed for Princess Mononoke with voice duties from... Gillian Anderson.

Much more info here.

Ideal Home.

Took advantage of some early bird offers to get cheap tickets here.  Its a place I've actually got nothing much from but always enjoy going round.  Went with my mum and dad and found out that it'll take place at Olympia and that there are no trains direct, but there is a rail replacement bus.  Look outside and there is a massive queue outside Earl's Court, tailing right back to the crossing.  Waiting in the queue I noticed a guy on a massive scooter (it was huge) and a Jewish guy with a plastic bag covering his fedora ha,t looking not unlike someone shrink wrapped some of the Reddit army.

 Finally got on the bus and we made our way inside, ground floor is traditionally show floor and gardening complete with ideal home of the future and sheds of some description. We noticed a few things, they had a Weedle up for rehoming at the cat's Protection stall. Gregg Buttery Biscuit Bass Wallace was flogging his own range of barbecues on his stall sadly didn't get a photo of him, did however get a shot of Joe Swift from Gardeners World who was very entertaining and doing a talk.   They had the Dutch bulb people over again flogging tulips and much more exotic stuff as well and the garden accessory folk which were selling metal birds which my mum bought for the garden.

There was the usual massive swingers hot tub and spa and new for this year a billion things to vibrate you, cushions, treadmills and chairs all of it pointless and that they also had a kraftmatic adjustable bed for sale with vibe function.

Upstairs is the home and beauty section and food of all description, so if you ever wanted a duck wrap or any amount of artisan cheese this is the place to go.  They also have free samples on offer so had some nice herb cheddar which was ace and some feta which wasn't.  Also they had some champion sausage for sale and proper fudge too (no gay jokes pls).  Finally the beauty bit is always has some hot chicks trying to sell you stuff and there was a dance revue of sorts with some birds dancing around to Womanizer in glasses.

Crow Ornament
Goody bag center, has free lube.
Womaniser dance thing.
Space Cat control.

Bitches on segways.

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