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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bank Holiday Round Up.

Hello and welcome, the more observant of you may have seen a new hero added to the sidebar. It is the Chris Lyons Video Cassette AKA Chriddof who does those Daz 3D animations of stuff.  He's know for deleting stuff wholesale due to ''teh anxiety'' so how long this will be up is anyone's guess so enjoy while it lasts.

Syro. Bonkers.

Its largely all over the net now and really should be up on Robots Nunca Vista my sadly neglected side blog, but there is a new Aphex Twin album coming soon.  Its called Syro and I learned this through a Dark net link via his official Richard David James page on Facebook.
Fucking A
The link itself is a strange one, its apparently gives you a tracklisting if you use TOR and nothing but a rundown of your plugins, processes and location if you use a normal browser.  This can be limited if you use No Scripts but its still pretty worrying.

There is now information up for preordering at and a full tracklisting and a massive array of download options and physical media for idiots like myself including an ultra limited edition version of 200 for £250 (*w*) as well as a more sane £9.99 for a CD edition.  Its out on the 22/9/2014 so I will definitely be booking the day. 

Finally do you want to see a Japanese island populated just by cats, its called Tashirojima and is located off the coast of Sendai, which you may remember from 2011's devastating Tohoku quake.  There is a shrine called Nekojinja at its heart which sounds like Neko Ginger in English (a breed of cat). I'll try and dig up some videos tomorrow.

EDIT was going to do something about Ferguson but it just seems to be the London riots of 2011 with bonus racism and disinformation thrown in.

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