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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Keston, West end and Ealing.

This is going to be a long post so buckle up. In the first part you will get two brief bits of news before we crack on with the main body. Grab a cup of tea, or other beverage and sit down.

Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei Fan Translation Released.

DDS has been working on this for over 4 years and after a few beta niggles is finally out now.  Its the Snes remake of the two Nes Megami Tensei Games by Namcot (with a T back then remember) collected into one handy anthology.  I can't tell you how or what they play like except that they seem to be some old school dungeon crawlers, but the patch is up on RHDN so go there and download if yer curious, K.

Children's Channel turns up again.

This is an odd one, the Chriddof Archive, Fizzymilk 1989 has added his take on some Telecat audio which I may have talked about at some point. Its here if you want to see. However that's not why I'm here scouting round the sidebar I came across some rare footage from Roustabout.  Shot at the Dorset steam fair and featuring presenter Mick Robertson talking to the show promoter, its yet another piece preserved from the early years.  Now to see if there are any Stories Without Words clips.

Keston (Feature presentation)

Cactus club night was quite an adventure this month, my friend Jim didn't want to go, but I did, so this prompted me to find out what was the quickest way from home to Keston, by bus. Its 3 buses if you're curious.  My dad dropped me off there and after a nice talk about northern Mexico decided to go home.  This is where the fun starts, there's a choice of two buses and they both run hourly at that time in proper country fashion and its a case of miss one miss both.  I had 25 minutes to kill so decided to walk down to Hayes and see what the other choices were.  By the time I reached Hayes station picking my way through the pitch dark lane it had taken 20 minutes and was time for the bus to come, I saw it pass me by but the lady driver was kind enough to wait so a big thanks to her.  Apart from that when it dropped me off in Bromley town there was a trivial wait for the bus to take me to Lewisham and then home.

London Trip.

A few obscure bits and pieces from yesterdays trip to the West end.  I had to change up some cash and decided to walk in.  Part of the way a calico cat decided to follow me along the road and after much stroking and dissuading left her at the roadside before carrying on.

After much poking around the back streets of Soho came across a Retro Magazine store somewhere in the gay area.  After literally laughing my bollocks off at some outrageously sweary cards up on the top floor, decided to look downstairs.  They have a lot of NME's and old Escort porn mags and a few more old society and porn magazines too.  They didn't have any old gaming mags or Fortean Times but they probably did somewhere.

Decided to look around Ealing and when by tube so I didn't get lost this time.  Pro tip: if you wish to know which road to take back to Ealing Broadway tube station look for Nat West bank on the corner and take that road.  You can't miss it its in an old converted church.  Apart from picking up an Indian disco record and checking out Oxfams Japanese culture window display, there wasn't much there.

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