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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Beccles Junk Tour

Been down to my aunts place in Suffolk and apart from the usual updating of computer stuff and shuffling around town we had a trip out to Beccles. Kinda like Beccles, its a nice little town full of small shops that actually complement the local area rather than the upmarket clothes and candle shops run by Sloanes and borderline hippies in Southwold.

There is also another perfectly good reason to have a look through as they have quite a lot of Charity shops, and weird ones at that.  I'll get to the more interesting one later but didn't get an awful lot out mainly vinyl and sweets my double addictions.  As well as the usual Cancer research and Hate Foundation (British Heart Foundation I know its my own corruption) stores they have stuff like the British Legion which deals with ex servicemen and old soldiers and a cancer charity which had a Jack Russell in a Hutch outside in the back of a pick up truck.  

No the oddest charity shop I've seen is for Aspergers East Anglia mainly for its design and mainly because its the first ever shop I've seen that deals with my people so to speak.  It has a massive Ronseal like appeal to me (its sign just says A Shop white on black with Aspergers East Anglia in a much smaller font) in that it does what it says on the tin.  In fact it was the only place I actually got something says something and am currently staring at my receipt which helpfully says A receipt.  I would be put out that it its so dull (I like a bit of colour) but it fits in so well with the Autist ideal of no bright colours, and everything the same that its actually totally genius in its execution.

What did I actually get, records of course including Love Reaction by React (Boyd Jarvis of course so it had to come home with me) and Peuterdeutjes which I thought was from some old Dutch TV show but turns out isn't but is nursery rhymes instead.

Finally went out via Tescos and found out they are holding a duck race down by the riverside complete with a stall with rubber ducks on them which was nice.

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