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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Rolf Harass (Harris) a retrospective.

Hello viewers I really didn't want to do this, but, they've arrested one of my heroes as part of the ongoing, lets wipe out the 1970's campaign.  Rolf of course did bad things, mainly touching up teens and Vanessa Felch on the Big Breakfast (If memory serves correct she did the in the bedroom bit after Paula Yates left but before Lily Savage joined, then again I'm a sad cunt who watched an awful lot of Big Breakfast back in the day).So without further ado, this is how I'll choose to remember Rolf rather than the sad paedo he is.

To be honest as a child of the eighties I grew up with Rolf on our screens in fact I have fond memories of watching Rolf's Cartoon Time on BBC in the early evening where he would draw some old Looney Tunes Characters (for arguments sake say Droopy) before explaining what they were doing and then showing the clip in question.  It was dropped around 1986 because Neighbours took its place and I couldn't really give a toss about Ramsay Street (although in a link to the above paragraph, Mark Little a.k.a Joe Mangle did go on to be a presenter on the Big Breakfast, small world huh.)

He took his Cartoon Club over to ITV in the early 90's (which was noted for him using an Amiga for all of the animating and art based stuff which was cool.  Can remember a kid making a claymation animation of a guy taking a leak in an art gallery for one of the shows (oh yes there were children on there) and wikipedia reckons that there were more cartoons and stuff but I don't remember that at all, just the art.

Rolf also did sick animals back on the BBC in the wildly popular show Animal Hospital.  To be honest, I've never liked this show at all and as a big animal fan it was always sick kittens or some sort of manky rabbit.  I hope Youtube has the Shooting Stars parody of this with Mark Lamarr as Rolf, sitting in a bath and playing a dead snake like a saxophone. (Here, but no snake sax for you, thanks to bad memories.) It was always a lot better then the show itself.

Later on he did a portrait of the Queen that had the great trait of her teeth following you around the room, and apart from the trial that was it.  He's still a hero to me, much more than Jimmy Saville ever was, due to him not being obviously creepy.

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