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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Animal Farm

Been an odd week here, have a few more weird records for the collection including a seven inch from climate change denier David "Leafy Undergwoath" Bellamy singing a song about dinosaurs and missing out on the Kia Ora record which for some reason I put back in the box of records in the charity instead of buying. Ugh.

The icing on the cake was Efukt getting hold of an old Channel 4 documentary on the notorious porno Animal farm, (incidentally I've seen surgery clips from Embarrassing bodies up there as well bit of a graveyard for Channel 4 stuff).  They're generally known for their off beat selection of porno including bloopers and camgirl breakdowns but this, this was just sad.

I never really knew the story behind this besides that it was generally known about in school (indeed we did the proper Orwell version in English class) and that it was never called Animal Farm.

Filmed as a series of short stag clips for Color Climax it was smuggled in and bootlegged like all hardcore porn was before it was legalized in the late 90's, (though not that) it starred Bodil Joensen and a series of other folk basically getting it on with a variety of animals.

Bodil herself had a really tragic life, something I never knew until I did some digging, apparently not a lot is known about her, just that she was the product of an absent father and a religious nut of a mother.  She was raped or nearly raped by a deviant at a train station and her mother badly reacted locking her in the attic.
The porn came later on and when that dried up she turned to alcohol and the farm she had (she ran her own insemination business) was raided by the authorities.  She turned to prostitution right at the end before the booze finally killed her.  She is buried with her husband somewhere in Denmark.

Like I say, a really depressing story, oh and all these links are safe for work though really the whole thing is really a read at home thing.  Color Climax have largely cleaned up their act now no more Animal Porn or Child Porn (which was legal in Denmark in the 70's before it was rightfully banned) though I believe are still going.  s

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