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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Type Zero Woes.

Looks like theres some trouble brewing via Square Enix and the PSP game Final Fantasy Type 0. Stemming from an unofficial fan translation, it looks like its caught the attention of the Squenix Lawyers who looks like have gone ballistic and sent legal action to Sky part of the Romhacking team and host of the patch.  Squenix have of course had previous for this with the notorious Crimson Shadows Chrono Trigger hack, indeed both seem to coincide with official releases (Type 0 is getting a next gen port but not crucially to handhelds, and crimson shadow came out just when Chrono trigger was ported to the DS.)

They were pretty slow off the mark this time as the patch in question had been out for a month before they caught on. Though quite why they shut this down is for some speculation, on RHDN they are saying that it could be the hard Subbed videos and the copyright that this entails which is to blame, others say that it could jeopardise rom hacking as a whole.   I'm not sure this will be the case, I mean people will always pull stuff apart to see how it runs especially if you have a technical mind to do so (hell why do you think they haven't wiped out piracy that and cost).  If it would have remained PSP only I can see this getting ignored (a two UMD PSP game even with the FF name would not have sold especially at the end of the PSP lifespan) but as it is and that there is a next gen version coming, they are going to do something about it.  I'm not bitter about it but there you go.

Finally would have put this up last week but it didn't fit in with my previous post.  Its an old Ebay ad from the year 2000.

Ebay 2000.

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