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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lynx and Things

Added a few new links to the main page.

I've never killed a pipit is a nature blog about tracking down rare wildlife and or nature walks I found it by chance when looking for something I saw at work, and rated what they did, so it gets a link here.

Curios Things is another stumble upon and celebrates my taste for the weird in humour and such.  A bit like Scarfolk but less frequently updated and with the emphasis of collage and the like.

Brief bits on junk touring.

Went to the worlds lamest bootsale at the Plume Of Feathers pub today.  Two stalls out in the beer garden plus a bouncy castle for the kids.  Had a look at some DVDs including a Richard Pryor comedy disk but nothing to write home about.

Yesterday was Pride up at Soho so a great opportunity to go to Walthamstow and avoid the whole thing.  Did quite well record wise includes picking up a Mitchbal records compilation on LP, some African Drumming record that looked to be from the 60's but actually turned out to be 2001 and a Tutto Matto LP which was very nice (Take My Hand is still a damn fine piece of disco house).

Pride wise didn't see any OTT celebrants, just a few people dodging the rain with rainbow flags and a shedload of police.

Finally if you want to know what Alarm Clocks looked like in Soviet Russia (along with a load of other electronic tat) or how Shovel Knight couldn't be done on the NES then these two articles will be right up your alley.

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