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Sunday, 16 February 2014

8 Legged Horses and lame ducks.

Hello everyone, I've been through a geeks hell this weekend and with precious little to cheer me up. My aunt had to go in for an operation so we were down at Suffolk for 4 days. She was fine but I had to fix up her old PC at the same time which wasn't.  For starters we brought down an old drive of mine thrown out at work different make but same capacity and of correct type.  Once I'd worked out that this needed to be the master and that installing wasn't such a pain its not as if its used every day just as a back up.  I also brought with me Linux Mint XFCE edition as my main OS as I could reinstall XP (which is what it originally came with) later.

For starters it all went smoothly until halfway through installation it decided to give up and abort. Doing some tests I found it was a crap CD rather than my formatted drive and we made an ISO of it re burnt it and took it out for round 2.  It installed OK and with a few moans worked really well, doing the ace thing Linux does and pick up hardware instantly, I think you know where we're going with this. Time for XP we'll have a dual boot set up like what my old PC has.  Download the correct version of Windows XP (32 Bit Home edition) and we'll install that. Except that it doesn't it would rather wipe my disk clean and install Windows like a cunt.  After a few reboots we have XP loaded in some horrible cramped  resolution because it doesn't recognise our flat screen monitor and is resorting to some generic monitor driver and despite trying to install a billion times through display and add hardware we did the decent  thing and set up Mint as a Dual boot.

I don't care if its outdated and being discontinued, we never got anything installed hardware wise so this copy of XP is not going online we will try and add Service Pack 3 next time I'm down as a fun project (i.e an exercise in torture) and update Mint of course.

8 Legged Horses.

We recently switched browsers as Firefox has become increasingly flaky due to accumulated browser add ons (think flashblock rather than bundled toolbar though we did once have Freecorder).  I've heard cool things about Palemoon a fork for Firefox but decided to use Sleipnir  instead. Its billed as having really beautiful text and it really does deliver on this as its awesome. As an added bonus its displaying my blogger page with its proper login and can use extensions from the Chrome store so I can add block and add on stuff.

Finally fans of Polish cartoons might like to see the Studio Miniatur Filmowich Youtube channel for eastern block cartoons they recently added some endearing Babushka doll cartoons (that one links to the fair episode) to their main channel.  You can sub with the link above if you're on Youtube.  I'm hoping that they'll have Hen A Pippa but I'm not holding my breath.

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