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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Where's my leaflet?

Does this look like they've just dropped a big ole A Bomb here to you.

Hello everyone, if you aren't familiar with the heaven paradox, then you are very lucky. You probably aren't a Fundamental Christian and therefore have a  functioning brain or at least an open mind which is great, really great.  It seems you can't walk down the street without bumping into a guy with some slickly produced (or not so slickly produced) leaflets, handing them out to all and sundry.  To be honest they all say the same thing just from different angels (sorry angles).  Believe in Jesus and accept him as your personal saviour and you'll end up at the above place regardless of race, though they still won't accept your dog.  Don't and you'll end up in hell tormented for all eternity. That's it in a nutshell.

There you'll never have to accept another badly produced leaflet from an over eager street preacher again, though I've never seen an atheist hand out leaflets explain that there is not a god and to stop worrying.

Except there are a few stumbling blocks with the above.  There is no heaven, we've never found a single trace of it, with all our modern telescopes.  Same with hell, although there are areas that aren't conducive to life they are generally not places anything lives let alone one you're sent to as punishment for all eternity.

I'm not sure what passages of the Bible that heaven and hell is described in apart from Revelations which is batshit insane.  They never even called it hell and it certainly isn't a lake of fire or any other nonsense.  Theists will have you that you have to take it on faith that both exist, when there is no evidence of either. For starters whats the ecology of an afterlife is their a food chain like on Earth, does anything up there eat angels or demons or God.

That's why I would rather believe in the laws of nature rather than than the laws of god.  I recommend the Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins though written 20 years ago, its still relevant and though heavy going is going to do you good just like medicine, with the knowledge it imparts. Though you may have to emulate to get any of those biomorph programs to run.

On a side note, possibly due to my autism I've never seen myself as having a soul.  I've always pictured myself a like an automaton or robot: no control, no mind,  nothing to think about, a blank headed mule going through life as best as I can.  This is what makes this blog so hard sometimes, not that I have something to say but nothing, absolutely zero, to actually communicate just like life.

So I started this post with a question that I have never seen any atheist, humanist or agnostic hand out leaflets in the street.  I've seen hindus, sikhs, and muslims with tables full of stuff about the glorious Koran and the prophet muhammed and Allan, wet tip hen ax. But never anything about disbelief.  So I'll put my own maxim up.

There is no afterlife. Stop worrying and live free.

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