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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Junk

Forgive me if I treat this as some random update but have been busy with Christmas shopping and stuff.  Mostly getting stuff for parents and looking out for cards and presents so have been preoccupied and that.
Maybe next week I'll have something better but for now here are some unfocused stuff I've come across.

*Some hideous bear hats in Poundworld that are supposed to be endearing but come across as body horror.

*Finding someone had put some breath spray packs on the tampon rack in Wilkinsons, and if you got a dirty mind like me that is quite a bad stretch.  At least it wasn't Listerine.

*The only endearing thing I've seen is some Starlings singing down at Aldis at Thamesmead. They were all around the cars and on the handles of the trollies near Morrisons. A mix of youngsters and older birds in their winter plumage it was nice to see.

*Oh and Blockbusters is officially fucked.  The store there is officially closing today and they are flogging off all manner of gear at 90% off and various store fixtures as well.  They had Alien breed compilation for PC and a bargain basement bin full of PS2 football games.  Either Pro Evo or Fifa 03 they had Tiger Woods for PSP and Go Sudoku as well but to be honest I bought nothing at all as they had nothing that appealed to me.

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