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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas.

No really this is my favourite time of year and to start off here is a small review of stuff that'll probably carry over to tomorrow.
I've been reading through last years collection and stuff and mainly chuckling at posthumous nonce which is a great name for a metal band or indeed Lostprophets now Ian Watkins is in jail for fiddling.  We had a poor year this year which saw our local cactus society branch close, Youtube go full retard and both Maggie Thatcher and Nelson Nutella die.  I'll do all the music bits tomorrow so for today you'll get various awards and that.

Starting with.

Best Show on Television Award: An adventure in time and space.

Recreating William Hartnoll era Dr Who for the 50th anniversary is an unalloyed treat. This showed the struggles that Verity Lambert had bringing the show to the screen.  A few things I didn't know about that was that they had an Indian Producer, rather forward thinking for the early 60's.

Tennis. Andy Murray won thus breaking the sixth seal and unleashing the prophecy that the world will end when a Briton wins Wimbledon.  Didn't watch obvs as tennis is boring.

Best Youtube poop.
There's been a few in contention, mainly Michael Rosen stuff as he's the gift that keeps on giving.
I think you know what I mean.
If I had to nail one down its Chicken Pika's Michael Rosen's Adulterous Dad
as the sentence mixing on that is really nice.

Latest fad on YTP. Rog
He goes by many names but if you've ever seen PC virus total or some of the other shit he sells Rog is now a new favourite for YTPers. Also he also doesn't mind the whole YTP thing as well.

Miranda Awards 2013.

There are a few things I've seen which are largely odd or unwatchable.  I don't tend to watch the mainstream stuff like Strictly or X Factor and not even Steve Davis in the Jungle can make me watch I'm a celeb, so my picks aren't that mainstream at all.

Room 9.

This was billed as a South African version of the X files a mash up of two of my favourite things.  Sadly the execution on this was horrible and came across like the BBC doing one of its interminable dramas on a Tuesday night.  Its not that it was cheap but was total bollocks that did it for me.


Imagine there is maths guys that can crunch maths problems to solve crimes.  Imagine that unlike say Alan Turing or Stephen Hawkings they are Hollywood ugly (i.e not that) and American so maths gets corrupted into math.  Personally I can't stand that and the final nail is that it was several degrees worse than the most far fetched CSI Miami episode which to say is very bad indeed.

Other stuff that warrants a mention but no explanation.

Fox cancelling Touch after 2 seasons.
Syfy cancelling Warehouse 13 after 5 seasons, (its best to go out on a high I suppose).
BBC Christmas Robin idents.  Unoriginal but endearing nonetheless.
Manding Ngor.  South Sudan correspondent with an excellent name.
The axis of horror that fuses CBBC trailer with autotune.
D Love and his futile attempt to sell Digital Radio to the apathetic British public.
Discogs cancelling their reviews. So sad.
An ITV bumper involving ducks on a village green, that I've never seen since.

and finally. UK Gold showing The Two Ronnies Spectacle thus showing up the rest of you sad clowns just what comedy is.  Oh and plenty of behind the scenes stuff too including the Two Ronnies Down Under.

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