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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Round up time of year.

Its that time of year when I break out the best of list for music and the Mirandas for television that has pissed me off, so this Sunday's little post is a small round up before we tuck into our Christmas meat.

Nigella Lawson.
This was big in the UK,thanks to the recent fraud case involving her aides and revelations about her taking cocaine as well as the break up of  her marriage to Charles Saatchi.  Do I care about any of that, no, its largely a throwaway comment in the Mail on Sunday about her being on Desert Island Disks.

The full line up is here at the beebs own page and makes for interesting reading.  Apparently she is a big fan of  Mory Kantes Ye Ke Ye Ke (Hardfloor mix) labelling it as a personal favourite, something I would never pegged her as a dance music fan especially a big storming acid rework of the original but there you go.

Bubble Bobble. Lost cave.
Didn't know this was up to version 1.2, but if you want to play a good hack of the original Bubble Bobble arcade game then this is available here.  I said it needed balancing to iron out the difficulty spikes and that is exactly what has been done. We would also recommend getting mameuifx as your main mame as it plays bootleg and rom hacks without much hassle.

More Christmas tat.

Went to Woolwich to drop off some donations to charity and had a look round didn't see many manic street preachers at first but that all changed as I reached the Mind shop.  They had a load of folk out from the New Wine church (now the Ebenezer Goode cathederal of god), they had the usual leaflets about jesus and some dude dressed up as Father Christmas behind a Yamaha Tyros2 keyboard of all things.  Its the first time I've ever seen a black santa, and this one had glasses as well.  In fact the Christmas stuff didn't end there as they had a mastiff with a tinsel collar at the bus stop near Primark, it looked rather ace actually as those dogs aren't really cute.  Coming back they had all came out of the wood work and there were millions of the buggers preaching outside smiths.  There is a letter in the Greenwich time moaning about the Chuggers and Preachers so can't be the only one to get pissed off by it.

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