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Monday, 16 September 2013

More Old TV discoveries.

I know some of you are waiting for this, but I had a good day yesterday marred by the fact that google wouldn't let us login or update.  So I've prepared a short statement beforehand and copypasted it so you all know the score.

Because Google is being cunty as usual I'm having to pre write this in Notepad
but let me assure you we have made a few major discoveries regarding a few
lost things.  Its not hen a pippa but it does involve old eastern bloc cartoons and
old cable memories.

Pomysłowy Dobromir

This was something I'd long forgotten aboutand involved a small ginger kid who dreamt up
stuff with his grandpa. A small ball would bounce on his head and he would sketch
up something to bail him out of a problem.  Now watching it I remember the little
green bird as well, in fact this is real cute I used to beg my mum to tell me
stories about that guy and his chickens.  Episode here.

Nickelodeon Pinwheel.

Like some horrible racial memory, this I think there was a badly made snail called
Silas. Indeed Wikipedia agrees and throws up the Admiral bird as well as a few other
characters (oh and this is probably where I remember Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings from). 
We never formally had a Nickelodeon channel till about 1993 and even then
it was shunted off in favour of the Family Channel.  This could have been part of
TCC's (now trouble) daytime line up.  In fact as soon as the theme tune played I knew
exactly what this was, something long buried and filled with janky puppets.

Finally our google fu managed to rustle up a name for an old hardcore record
I had that masqueraded as an Altern 8 white label.  Its Reel II reels MDA EP, and
was the dogs as usual. 

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