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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Linux Mint and more boxes.

This is yet more notes on Virtualbox, and to be honest I still haven't gotten anything much to work in it though to be honest.  We got a newer version of Linux (Mint as the more observant of you have seen) and tested Android instead of AROS.  Theres a great guide to putting Android on Virtualbox here but all the machines I used are either junk or not worth it, except for Linux Mint and that was basically running it from a live CD. More later. 

First of all a diversion into junk tour territory, I had the chance to go to a bootsale for the first time in ages, down in SE12 (Well hall / Eltham boundaries).  It was billed as busy and large which actually meant having 6 stalls with a few people loitering about.  To say its disappointing was an understatement and coming home with M.A.W mixes of Hardrive Deep Inside was about the only consolation of a poor day out.

To make up for the fact we decided to mess around with Linux Mint which we previously had as a virtual machine but decided to make a full on Live install.  You can do this in windows from the Live CD and create a dual boot setup, my old XP workhorse now comes with linux power and looks 10 times better.  Everything intergrated well hardware wise and there were no errors.  I haven't had to touch the notorious terminal yet, but if you are a windows native I would say give this a go.  Bits still remind me of Workbench (I think its the dual icons on screen) and sometimes it reminds me of Mac stuff especially the windows and that.

I have even briefly scanned some stuff with it via simple Scanner (not sure its real name but would love a windows version) a small program that scans an image and saves it to desktop or disc.  I had a brief poke around gimp (horrible as always) and Libre Office (use this on PC rather than word).  Looking to poke through some old hard disks if I can get them to recognise them Mint (drew a blank in windows they don't have drive numbers it seems as they don't show up) but so far I'm well impressed with mint has to offer.

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