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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Konami Round Up.

This is a round up of all things Konami. There may be some other stuff in here mainly about the end of WOS (main site up but forums now closed for those interested) and Jim Nick Nick Davidson but damn there is a lot of Konami stuff here to deal with.

First up there are a few translations to deal with, mainly Suikoden Spin offs, so if you have a hankering for Suikogaiden 1 and 2 on the PS1 then your prayers have been answered. 

These are side stories from the original PS1 Suikoden games and play out like a visual novel rather than the RPGs you would be familiar with.  A much better description and a download can be found here.

Next is a translation of Suikoden Card stories a GBA version of a physical card game from Konami (its not just Yugioh stuff they do).  They say its not as polished as the two visual novels above but still good enough to get a release.

Finally there is a translation out for Konamis "Ladyius" shooting game Otomedius, Gradius in skirts if you will, for the arcade.  The site there is good for both general information on all of Konamis Gradius games and the patch itself.  Incidentally this was the first in a week of Konami Kracks and what set the idea off originally.  I really didn't know what sort of hardware it ran on, but it seems that its some sort of PC equivalent like Taitos Type X hardware.   If you get it working the forums there have a massive compatibility thread, to help you along.

Jim Davidson Still Unfunny.

In other news Jim Nick Nick Davidson moans that Ade Edmonson is smug and his wife (Jennifer Saunders) is funnier than him after winning Masterchef.

Put it this way what would you rather have Bottom, Filthy Rich and Catflap and The Young Ones all proper laugh out loud funny shows with Ade Edmonson in.

Or Jim Davidson doing his bloody Chalky White impression on Big Break.

I rest my case.

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