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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hells Teeth.

Hello viewers, you find us not so great today.  I have the dilemma of having a wisdom tooth out tomorrow, and to say I'm not looking forward to this at all is a major understatement.  It has been causing trouble for ages but crucially it didn't keep me up at night or was as painful as fuck, just a little discoloured.  Sadly its come to this, and at an emergency appointment on friday they made me a deal I couldn't refuse either they refill it and to be honest wisdom teeth are expendable (hold overs from the time when we were less evolved and had more jaw space for mighty molars) or remove it all together, what with them being a bugger to clean and that we decided on the latter. 

Like I say I haven't looked up purposefully what this operation entails but I trust my dentist on this.

Last PS2 rolls off of the plant in Japan.

In slightly less sad news, it looks like Japan is shutting down production of the PS2,  according to the Grauniad the PS2 is ceasing production after 12 years due to it not being commercially viable.  I've had great times with my own PS2, even going so far as to get a network adaptor and soft mod it with FreeMCBoot.

Crucially they are still making games for PS2 though this is just annual FIFA updates and an expansion pack for FFX1.  We also hear reports that its still popular in second / third world countries so there maybe life yet in the old dog, be interesting to see what India and Brazil software companies make of the PS2.

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