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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Market Ting

We recently submitted ourselves to a bit of market research.  They have a few people outside Primark trying to sucker folk in with a quick survey and that and finally we relented.  Its for deodorant and antiperspirants and as we tend to sweat like a pig I guess I'm their perfect demographic.  On the plus side I was paid £5 for my time on the other hand it was absolutely bollocks.  We were asked what products we used by an African lady, (Lynx and Suremen) why we used them (you can pick them up cheap in Wilkos, often on offer) though they didn't ask my favourite, that you can cover the U and R in Suremen to make Semen. 

Their base is situated somewhere above Pizza Hut and we had to take a seat before being asked in by blonde lady go over these questions again whilst she dictated them into a screen recorder on PC.

Back with the African (who is increasingly difficult to understand) who has a room with a projector set up, we get our first inkling of what it is they are pushing. They have a screen with five dots and a hand control and she tells us to look at certain dots but NOT MOVE my head. She then flashes up various displays including one for Mitchum products.  i maybe an oblivious autistic robot but even I could see where this was going, we were going to be asked about Mitchum products. :(

Off to a room with another bird but this time with some specific instructions,  DO NOT look around, keep your face to the wall and stay behind the white line.  Fearing the worst we were told to turn around and pick items from a mocked up display including what you would normally buy.  She then asked us to pick the Mitchum product, which of course took ages, as no one has,
A: ever heard of them 
B: has ever used a Mitchum product possibly due to A and lack of marketing.

Comfortably pleased it was back to the African for more questions and answers and some pack shots of the product (watchword green and ropey) before bringing it out the big guns an ad (naked male torso with a tattooed dumbbell on the underarm) and a revised pack shot with much better packaging that the predominently green stuff we had seen before.  Finally this was done, and I got to sign out and get my 5 quid.  We really hope it works out for Mitchum but as I see it currently its more weird Poundland product than must buy.

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