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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who was Archias of Greece

We got another nutjob leaflet from God.  Not actually from god himself just one of his billions of followers here on earth.  It boasts of serious things tomorrow and concerns an Archias of Greece putting off a letter concerning his assasination to go revelling hence the name.

She's got her curlers in.
Because we are a bubblehead who follows everything without question we kept the leaflet and scanned it in for future reference.  Hey maybe this Archias was a well known figure from Greek myth and legend and these are well known parables studied by classicists the world over.

So I decided to dig a little and see on wikipedia if they have anything about a king Archias.

They don't but there are various statesmen and poets on there, maybe they put off serious things till tomorrow, thus sealing their own fate.  There is a link to ancient lets see if there is anythig on Archias there.  Oh goody there are a few Archias, one or two are kings and the rest rulers or poets.  Except they do not mention the whole putting off serious things tomorrow, going for either choosing money over health, or hanging themselves when found out for treachery.

So I decide to look for the origin of the legend and check out the saying through google and it gives us a sermon by traffic shouter and general nutjob Reverend Ian Paisley, (Youtube link but without Harry Enfield playing Gerry Adams in this bit (he wanted Pizza, Palsy didn't that was the joke), incidentally this was shown shortly after the Omagh bombings where something else controversial was pulled at the last minute and this was deemed an acceptable replacement, cue much outrage.)

So there you go unless you especially like Palsys brand of Protestantism (and as an Atheist we don't) and would like a ruler that has nothing specifically memorable written about him or spoken by him then go ahead and knock yourself out.

Me, I think its more like this.

She's still got her curlers in though


  1. Plutarch • De Genio Socratis — Translator's Introduction‎CachedSimilar
    30 Sep 2012 ... Xenophon goes on to say that after the seven had killed Archias, Phyllidas went
    with three of them to kill Leontiades;11 whereas in Plutarch the ...

    1. Thanks for that, having a read up on Plutarch as we speak. Still that is the oddest Christian Leaflet I've had, wish they would hand out more on Greek philosophers instead of their predictable accept Jesus stuff.