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Saturday, 27 October 2012

PSP ISO guide

Due to redecoration at my place, we are currently doing up the room my computer is in, so this will not only be an educational post but an early one as from tomorrow our room will be painted and funky fresh.

A guide to making ISOs from PSP games that you *legally own. Very simple guide by a very simple guy.

*as opposed to downloading an ISO that probably doesn't work.

What you'll need.

A PSP that isn't a PSP GO.
Custom Firmware, (Pro B is good. we tested this on 6.20 but your firmware maybe higher or lower depending on what you installed).
Some UMD games and or Videos (seriously who watches videos on PSP or thought it was a good idea to watch videos on PSP.)
A PC plus USB cable with a micro end out and spare USB slot to link it to, digital cameras often come with a lead like that if you have one lying around.

Step one

Insert Game into PSP and switch on.
Press select to bring up Firmware menu.
Scroll down to UMD Mode and select M33 driver. (You'll need this later.)
Edit you may also have to change the mode from Memory Card to USB disc in general settings otherwise you'll get nothing to rip.

Step two

Insert USB cable into both PC and PSP. One end for each.
Click open on dialogue box that pops up, to view files you'll see a box that looks like this.

A mystery ufo.
 If you already have a PSP Iso folder drag it there now, if not make one now and drag it over, (it'll take ages by the way a good 10 minutes for 1Gig games.)

Step Three.

When this is finally done you can rename this file, remove the disk from the PSP and press O to get out of USB mode.  With the disk removed from your PSP, go back to USB mode and when the dialogue box pops up again go to ISO and drag the game you just copied and renamed to your ISO folder (it'll take much less time now).

I hope you have one of these, if not just create a  folder called ISO in the PSP root file menu and drag your new ISO folder.  They are massive files so you may want to either get a bigger Memory stick (we use this along with some Micro SD cards.) or convert to CSO with UMD Gen.

Step Four.

Exit USB mode, go to PSP Game and it should appear, you can play this as you would a regular game.

Finally we tried out a few 3rd party tools such as UMD Dumper and ISO ripper, UMD Dumper only did Lumines and was really laborious, and ISO Ripper just crashed a lot. We are slowly working through our collection of games and the custom firmware method proves to be a winner in terms of speed and use.

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