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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Neo Geo X Stats

Finally done and hand translated from an article over at Inside games we bring you NEOGEOX stats.  If your Nihongo is up to it then thats a link to the original article above and please feel free to correct in the comments below, we are nowhere near fluent.

They'll be some comment on certain things too just check for the (*) K.

Lets begin.

NEO-GEO nears Completion [NEOGEOX] on sale from the 6th Dec.

OK Japan LLC (*1) announces the planned worldwide sale of the NeoGeoX entertainment System and
says that it should be on sale from the 6/12/2012 in Japan.

 A few days ago our connections found out the release date of the NeoGeoX Entertainment System. The Handheld NeoGeo (Neo GeoX) has the same case design as originally shown and could come with a possible HDMI out cable (Neo GeoX Station) and Joystick (Neo GeoX Joystick).  It also includes 3 types of cables and an AC adaptor in the same pack.  Also noted here for the first time is a preorder bonus, (Ninja Master's game card).  It'll cost 19,900YEN from 6/12/2012.

Package Outline

HDMI Cable
Stereo AV Cable
Preorder bonus. Ninja Master's Game card enclosed program.

Collected titles (2*)
3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex
League Bowling
Art Of Fighting / Fists of The Dragon Tiger
Magician Lord
ASO II Last Guardian
Metal Slug
Baseball Stars 2
Mutation Nation
Cyber Lip
Nam 1975
Fatal Fury / Garou Densetsu (Hungry Wolf Legend and Special,
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
The King Of Fighters 95
Samurai Showdown II
King Of The Monsters
Super Sidekicks
Last Resort
World Heroes Perfect.

Official Homepage here in English collecting all software and peripherals in one place (*3)

We feel inclined here to make clear here all (NeoGeoX) internal stats.  According to rumours, seeing as there is an SD card slot it would take extra programs too, though looking through the stats it cannot connect to the internet to do so.  Possibly it will allow you to add more with external SD cards.

Product Resources

OS: Linux (type not stated)
Display  LCD Panel:
Size: 4.3inch
Screen Image Size. 480x272
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
System Memory 256MB
Memory Type DDR II
Memory Frequency (Possibly clock speed) 250MHz
Flash Memory 2GB
Flash Memory Type Trans Flash
Memory Card Standard
Supported Memory Cards: SD Card / MMC
Card Capacity: 1 - 8 GB

Internal Speaker Output: 0.5W x2
Earphone jack: 3.5mm
USB Port Micro USB x1
OTG Standard Equipment
TV Out: HDMI, Composite Video
Battery Capacity: 3.7/2200mAh
Battery Usage (Time) / 6hr Gaming
Charge current 900mA
Charge Time 3 Hours

NeoGeoX Gold Entertainment System on sale from 6/12/2012 priced 19,900 Yen pre tax.

(*1) I've gone with LLC although i'm not sure if they are.
(*2) I've gone to the liberty to translate these into English, and provide a horrible clunky translation from the original Japanese.
(*3) Currently showing bugger all.

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