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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Romford Junk tour.

So we haven't been here in a while, we decided to dodge most of east London due to the olympics, now that the paralympics is underway I feel its time to venture out in this direction again. 

We made it out to what we call the orange county (Essex) enjoying a sleep on the bus from Canning town (takes an hour so you can get some shut eye).  Our main tasks are looking for records and an external HDD case (SATA) for a recovered Tivo HD (1 TB shame it didn't work).  We did however come home with some stuff.

PET Player one ready.

Some indie band that sounds vaguely electronic, not the best actually or has any single track that is redeeming so its going in the out pile.

One Self: Children of Possibilty.

A collaboration between DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13. Ninjatune stuff is generally worth picking up even if you don't really care about hip hop.  We haven't listened to this yet so we'll update you when we do.  We did however rate Your Revolution with Jill Scott so this may be worth keeping.

Eleven Phases A Detroit Compilation disc.

Magic words indeed. This is on sublime records and is an odd beast.  Its essentially techno artists doing hip hop beats,  so you have the best of the second wave of detroits finest serving up some cool beats.  Daniel Bells track is possibly the best along with Will Web and Kenny Larkin as Lark Daddy.  The weakest is Thomas (nude photo) Barnett, who's track ravish doesn't actually live up to much and is a shame seeing as I generally rate his stuff.

Finally some more oddities,  we didn't get they had a Japanese Saturn Game for sale in one of the charity shops.  Before you get excited its Super Casino Speciale from Coconuts which looking around got a Euro Release for PS1 as Vegas Casino via the Midas Interactive label.

Its really baffling to see something like that appear in a charity shop, as old PC games and endless versions of Fifa Football are the regular fodder for places like that.  We didn't get it as its not really my favourite genre even if it did have its spine card and funny Engrish on the back page.

Thatz Entertainment had a decent couple of Atlus Games for sale including Growlanser and Sting licensed  Gungir, and something from Aksys games, (clue its Jikandia which reading up on it sounds awesome).   Sadly we were broke by then so we will have to wait its turn maybe around Christmas.

(Post script) We returned yesterday and the Saturn game had gone. Who knows who bought it but there its gone.  Also they had author Martina Cole signing books on a bookstall (rather than Waterstones) which is odd to say the least.

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