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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wisdom Tree hacking.

For the past 3 days we've been poking over the tired old corpse of a few of the legendary bible games released for the NES.  They were put out by Wisdom Tree a god loving, bootleg software house who as Color Dreams put out some of the worst NES games for the system.   To be honest these aren't the best either, so far we have looked at Bible Adventures, King Of Kings and Spiritual Warfare.

Those reviews just about sum up the amount of ludicrousness that these games hold.  Besides theres only so much Go tell it to the mountain that one person can take before he starts reaching for the petrol looking for a church to burn down. 

We're pretty new to this whole romhacking scene our only other hack is a version of Bubble Bobble edited with arcade levels for the NES, made in a level editor and punted out last year.  I cannot program so this is just a bit of documenting of things I've found and maybe some tile map editing with Tile Layer Pro to make improved sprites.

OK on with the show.
Our initial aim was to make a corruption video of the series using rom corruptors to show some funny glitches and bizarre behaviour, to be honest we did that but used a hex editor to do the job instead.

About halfway through the rom of Bible Adventures we came across some text including title screen descriptions and continue screen text.  We decided to have a look at this and found that not only can you edit this but work out the rest of the letter spaces to create a table.  Then we loaded up King Of Kings and Spiritual Warfare and found more text that shared the exact hex codes meaning the table is universal to all of the Wisdom Tree games (or at least the three I tried). Spiritual Warfare is detailled up on Data crystal so we'll add some stuff from King of Kings, Bible Adventures didn't get a lot of love but we'll cast a critical eye over it later.

King of Kings stores its text mainly at $1887A and a massive wall of words at $194E8.  These are rated in order of size from smallest to largest so I'm guessing there is a table to look up stuff and generate bible passages whenever you pick a scroll up.  Its funny to substitue words of the same length to make hideous quotes and passages.

Like so. We haven't found much else that is intelligble just yet just some title screen text which may become a Chuckle Brothers Hack.

Spiritual Warfare is much better with miles more text set out in lines however amending this breaks the screen layout and crashes the game in the case of item descriptions. Not noted on Data Crystal is where the question subgame text is (its at Address $9344) and then seems to be letters only, amending these creates much cave speak in the minigame, so someone better can look at it and maybe make sense of it. 

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