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Sunday, 1 April 2012

We didn't know that.

This is a brief collection of stuff that we didn't actually know about until quite recently.

1. Damilola Taylor is buried in Plumstead cemetery.

Damilola Taylor was a 10 year old kid who came to this country with his parents to seek a better life in Peckham (oh dear) but ended up losing his life, to a bunch of thugs.  This made national headlines and was extensively covered by the UK media.  Wikipaedia has a better write up of the whole case here

We always assumed that he was buried closer to home either in south London or in his home country of Nigeria.  However my parents like to walk, and  on one of their trips out through the cemetery at the top of our street, they stumbled across his grave.  We haven't confirmed it as such but, would figure as its a pretty big cemetery.

2. The DS has region locking.

OK, short version of this coming up. This is not the original DS or DS lite,  we are talking about the DSi and the DSi  LL/XL whatever you call it.  We picked up Solartorobo spiritual successor of Tail Concerto and amongst all the anti Piracy guff on the back of the packaging we have this. For use with the European region of DSi and DSXL only.

This seems to be only related to downloadable games and games that have DSi content on them, both the original and DS lite are Region free.  Indeed I have a few US games we regularly play and it doesn't affect it at all.  I don't have a DSi with its stupid camera or bigger screen, (indeed the similarly styled 3DS is of course region locked also).  So far we haven't found if there are ways to circumvent this illogical, anti gamer lock out, especially galling as it is coming from a hand held platform, and that with a poor battery life means I won't be getting one soon, unless both are considerably updated.    

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