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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hot Potato.

To be honest we don't read too many papers, they all boil down to the same stories over and over again.  On facebook we have the Fortean Times weird news round up which is nice and covers stuff you don't find in the regular press (or rather the populist press).  You do come across online versions of regular newspapers which are weirdly at odds with their print cousins such as the 'celeb' chasing Mail Online or the paywalled up Times.

Others are just too fucking vile, the Mail is all Princess Kate and Downtown Abbey stuff which makes me want to shoot bile like a Metal Slug Zombie.  Where its polar opposite the Mirror is a left wing rag not fit to line litter trays, with its polarising simplicity of whatever wrong is with the world the Tories did it.  The Star is kinda like a hybrid of the Mail online at its most vacuous and The Sun (which I get for Ally Ross on a Tuesday I'm a sucker for TV listings).  I kinda like the idea of a big newspaper, the Times mentioned before used to do a nice science bit on mondays (subs pls check as the last time I read the Times was circa 1997 so this could now be a puff piece on TOWIE or some such cock).  The Guardian, when I've bought it (mainly to get free films) wasn't that bad, it just doesn't relate to my centrist lifestye, oh and Charlie Brooker was either off or piss poor leading to further upset.

This leaves either the Telegraph (imagine that old Two Ronnies sketch about the two old boys in a country club thats your readership that is.) or the Independant (my favourite of the broadsheets.) The Express is still dedicated to Madeleine McCann and Princess Di which makes it a minefield to navigate (incidentally how many of those recent Maddie sightings are of her as she looked as a 3 year old rather than as she would look now, I think we should be told). Which leaves the Daily Mail...

Currently obsessed with ridding the Internet of Porn or at least letting ISPs create an opt out for those that love their porno, with a variety of unverified anectdotes from people, that sound more like propaganda than actual hard facts. (I'd love to do some real research to test the veracity of those stories, as it just seems to convenient to the Mails story).  Also I don't think creating an opt out list will do little to stop the pron, people will find a way to look at it.  Whether through using proxies or a variety of torrenting /downloading methods, if people want it internet filth, there are many ways to get it and indeed watch it for free.

Then there is the whole debate on what this opt out list is used for.  I am with the google lady on this, create filters to block your kids from seeing stuff they don't, put safe search on when you use search engines.  Plus educate your teens if they think what you get in porn is real life.  Cos believe me it ain't like that.  At all.

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