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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Three trips. Part 1

As the title says, this is the first of 3 trips undertaken over the past week and days.

Croydon. and Lewisham.

This isn't really a junk tour, we did look at a few charity shops but, going to Croydon on easter weekend, I'm purely there for the weird.  Apparently, as noted before many times, God has his bearded hooks into the  populace of Croydon as a whole.  You can't move down the main thoroughfare without some folk yelling about Christ or handing out leaflets to his church.  As its Easter this is amplified up to 11.

Nice bits. 
They had a steel band playing hit tunes in the main plaza, and it just made me realize that a steel band version of the Angry birds theme would rock.

Cex had Persona 3 portable for sale at the low low price of £15.  Which we snapped up, its the special edition with art cards, art book and poster.  Game wise for the brief bit we've looked at it seems to be a mix of Persona 3 and its special edition FES for PS2. 
Full differences outlined here.

We picked up some old disco in Scope.  Taffy, and Lime which actually sounds more like american sweets than anything else.  Oh and took a punt on mid 90's house as well.  Hopefully they won't turn out too vile.

Nasty bits.

It was chock full of christians.  Christians handing out cards, Christians preaching, and more strange of all a big group of the fuckers holding a rally.  With placards saying, hell is not a nice place, and one that says Croydon is saved for Jesus (why, the riots killed off the best game shop there, and its full of gangsters and weirdos, Shirley Jesus deserves better). 

A proliferation of Stonewall signs. Every bus I saw seemed to have a sign saying some people are gay get over it.  I'm straight and don't really care so long folk are happy with who they are, its just that everywhere I went in Croydon there was a Get over it sign.


Coming home and waiting for a bus we saw Jesus fall flat on his face.  A church group decided to host their own passion play on a saturday of all days (that well known day of good saturday).  We passed by Christ, dressed in a white shift and holding a wooden cross surrounded by centurions outside Mc Donalds. Later we saw him make his way down by the market and trip and fall flat on his face.
To cap it all we lost our Oyster card (unregistered with a pittance on it) and game card (it has more than the oyster but still not much and now stopped) on the bus back.  A shitty end to a strange day.

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