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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Three trips Pt2.

The second of our three trips took place last saturday, a trip to Romford, gateway to the east.

It shares a lot in common with Croydon, its a large town, a long way away from where we live and they are both pretty good for gaming.  Thats where it ends though as Romford is actually quite nice, free of christian nutters at the moment (though that is possibly due to the overwhelming caucasianess of its inhabitants). 

Fun activity: when you take the 5 bus from Canning town station, keep watch as the colour gradually fades to white, as you reach your destination.  All the skleps, Masjids and hall churches gradually disappear, especially once you pass Wood Green.

It holds a pretty decent street market on Saturdays, not on a par with say Walthamstow, but  more traditionally English rather than Multicultural.   There is also an indoor market and a pretty boss shopping mall. 

Junkwise there are a few good charity shops, (a large oxfam and a hospice shop) which I've bought stuff from in the past & a lot of good Poundland types of shop.  This includes a Sams 99p shop as well as a 99p store.

Romford is actually a hold out for more vanished shops than I can remember.  They still have all their Games,  (this includes gamestation) after their recent bonfire of shops to stop them tanking completely.  Worryingly they have both a Bon Marche (pronounced Bonmarsh) and a Peacocks and untill last year a massive TJ Hughes (which kinda reminded me of a depressing version of Littlewoods stuck in an 80's time warp) though this is now derelict.

The best thing for us though is a decent game shop.  You would have thought that with both a Game and a CEX that these would rock but the best one is in the covered market and its called That'z Entertainment.

To be fair they have a pretty decent line up of games there covering current gen as well as retro stock.  If you are a PSP fan they have some pretty niche stuff (we know you're hardcore you wouldn't come here if you weren't).  For instant last time we were there they had Disgaea Infinite (the Visual Novel version of Disgaea) as well as Hakuoki, Aksys Meiji era, romance novel, as well as a few of Ghostlight's RPG output ( They are an European outlet for all things, Atlus and Falcom).  They also do trading cards, for all you Yu-Gi-Oh fans (though we stopped caring when GX came out).  I've got some good stuff from there (Jeanne D'arc for PSP) and its well worth a trip down.

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