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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Saga 2 translated.

For those of you not fans of Squares also ran RPG series, Crimson Nocturnal Hacking Group have released Saga 2 Goddess of Destiny in English.  So far I'm tracking down a rom file that won't crash out when patched or booted up in an emulator but when I do rest assured that I'll be linking to the place were you'll get it. 

For those unaware, the SaGa series started out on Gameboy as the unloved spin off  of Final Fantasy.  Both Secret of Mana and the SaGa series were released as Final Fantasy Legend 1-3 and Final Fantasy Adventure in the west.  The Second version (which Square have remade along with 3) is the best of a hard bunch.  You'll regularly be forced down to 1Hp through random battles and confront punishing boss battles (Apollo in particular is a bitch unless you kit everyone out with lasers and cure wands).

Weapons eventually dull and become useless through battle, skills will not be randomly learnt through battle here unlike their main console brethren, and though abandoned in SaGa Frontier for PS1 you'll fight with a party of monsters and  robots along with mystics and humans.

Square have decided to release the third Gameboy SaGa remake this month and there are currently no plans to release either officially in English.  Though to be fair the third game has no real overarching story like 2  (its main claim to fame was that the graphics looked a bit like Final Fantasy spin off Mystic Quest but on Gameboy) and Akitoshi Kawasu played no role in the development of it.  Here's hoping that they decide to add a plot and several upgrades to the gameplay, though its not as rubbish as the original is definitely playing second fiddle to the mighty 2nd SaGa.

In other news we found that PacLand for the PC Engine can be controlled normally by pressing select on the title screen.   Oh and scan of the week with return soon, as we have a brand new scanner (as soon as we find a USB Lead for it).

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