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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Half rice and Half chips.

So the snookers back on, long time viewers will know I have a love for the beautiful game and a chance throwaway mark on BBC Breakfast bought up a real oddity. 

Chinese player Ding Jun Hui is set to have his own cartoon show in his native china.

I'll say it again, Ding Jun Hui is getting his own show based sort of on him growing up as a shy lad in china and discovering snooker aged nine.   Its called Dragonball 1# and has sod all in relation to Akira Toriyamas take on the Monkey legends.  In fact if the picture behind it is accurate it looks an awful lot like Digimon but with more baize action.  We couldn't zoom in on the back illustration but if its accurate looks like it'll have a badger headed lion in it (but probably won't).

This would never happen  in the UK sadly, there was never a Saturday morning cartoon involving Alex Higgins (although simply imagining him in the title role of 8Ace strip would be mostly accurate).
Going Live was a lot better off knowing that there wasn't a show involving an animated Jimmy White getting into scrapes and failing to win the Embassy world championships.  The less said about Steve Davis or Terry Griffiths as a lead character the better.

In unrelated news we've been playing mostly obscure PS1 puzzle games, but we've taken time out of our busy schedule to poke around Taito's PC Engine output. 

Taito's out put seemed to convert many of their more obscure arcade games to the system.  A cursory look around Gamefaqs brings up this not incomplete list. 
Bonze's Adventure.
Don Doko Don,
Parasol Stars,
Liquid Kids.

Its only with the PC Engine CD that we veer into more familiar territory.
Rainbow Islands.
New Zeland Story
Space Invaders (Published by NEC Interchannel and brought out in 1995)
It seems that Taito treated the PC Engine as something as a test bed, most of these games never really got released on anything but PC Engine. (and those that weren't had a patchy conversion rate, C64 Parasol Stars is now lost, and Liquid Kids for Amiga showed up only recently).

A lot of these only became well known through the Taito Legends Compilation series, which brought together most of Taito's arcade output.  Anyway normal service tomorrow we'll be looking at Kuru Kuru Twinke Onegai Ohoshisama by Tomy.

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