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Sunday, 23 January 2011

88th postage insanity.

Actually make that not insanity but more like a round up of a load of old tosh. 

PS3 games could get serial code.  Secondhand Market fucked?.

Sony has only itself to blame for all this, and if this does make it out from the credible  rumour stage to market, then its not really going to stop piracy.  Pirates will always find away to crack and spread games and that.  DRM doesn't work on PCs and it won't work on PS3.  All this will do is alienate the existing users of legitimate games who will put in the codes and bend over to get shafted leaving the pirates to play with their DRMless copies scot free.

Even worse cutting down the preowned section is foolish.  Although DLC cuts into this, preowned is an ideal place to pick up games you might have missed first time round or heavily discounted classics (except Nintendo's own they apparently still want £30 for all Mario DS games).   Today we got from game, Breath of Fire 5 for £5 and Final Fantasy 4 warriors of light for the princely sum of £10.  All preowned. 

Childrens Film Foundation.

This is something we've been wanting to find for ages.  We had these weird racial memories of them showing short feature films at the end of CBBC during the late 80's.  Odd things like an Eskimo that survived on sugar and what I thought was Wilfrid Brambell ('Arrrold) as a ghost with his head under his arm (wasn't though, though in retrospect it had the late, great, Ronnie Barker as a villain in it).  

Browsing through one of the many offshoots of Chriddof on youtube we stumbled upon an old VHS rip from the  CBBC Broom Cupboard.   Containing presenter  Andi Peters, Edd the Duck and Wilson the butler, they introduced the film Zoo Robbery, and as soon as the opening credits appeared I knew just where the eskimo was from.  They don't have clips of this sadly but they do have shots of the Ghost film with Bernard Cribbins and Terry from Terry and June.

Its called Ghost of a chance and we'll put a link up here.

That is all.

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