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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new Year.

Great tidings be upon ye.  We're still going through the best and worst of the old year so no scans for awhile yet.

We'll finish up music with.

Best Ambient of the year.
Massively slowed Justin Bieber.  Obviously we're not going to give him the oxygen of publicity but damn you have to give him credit for remaining high pitched when massively pitched down.  Even if that means he remains a castrato his whole adult life.

Mix of the year.  Optimo (Espacio) Fabric 52
Spanning from 70's cuban latin arrangements to, Levon Vincent's acid revival track Love Technique, this is pretty top work, face it if you can't see the joins where one track begins and another ends then thats one hot mix.

Finally not that anyone cares and it isn't music related but it seems someone has seriously started hacking the PS3, Sony's also ran Blue Ray Player and sometime games console.  

Apparently, as a project to reinsert linux back into the console, the "1337 dudez" at Fail0verflow have managed to gain some control over low level stuff inside.  Whether linux works or not at the moment is moot but surely its the gateway to better homebrew emulation and of course pirate stuff.  Not that we care pirate wise seeing as its region free already, (possibly the only remotely sensible thing they did with the PS3 in the first place).  I wonder if they'll port PCSX2 (and do what Sony couldn't i.e proper PS2 emulation) if it gets wider usability from the modding community.

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