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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Its April its Easter its the Easter April round up.

Happy Easter loyal readers, I hope you got lots of eggs and that.  This is basically a round up of past stories and that, don't blame me I know you like clip shows and that besides its all bonus content.

Gameshow memories redux.
A bonus memory about the gameshow Lingo.  This isn't so bad, basically its working out a five letter word where the starting letter is given. So if I gave you S - - - -, and you said spear it would throw up letters that were in the word in the right order, letters that were in the word but were in the wrong order and letters that were not used at all.  So in my example spear: it would be pan out like this, Spear,  where E is in the word but in the wrong place, incidentally the word you were looking for was Shite, just like this explanation.

We don't even know what channel this was on, possibly either superchannel but most probably Sky, Wikipaedia has a link to a UK version which I don't know of, and we remember a foreign version on either TVE or TV5 which used Amiga graphics I think though that is tenuous and possibly wrong.

PS2 Emu news,

Good news everyone we have managed to install  Free McBoot a series of files for adding functionality to an old PS2.  This means reading from Pendrives and CDR's something that was sadly lacking from the original.

So far we have a newbie package from the Free MCBoot site.  Which covers Ulaunch ELF, a set up program to install Free MCBoot, HD Loader, loads stuff from Hard Disk, SMP a simple media player focussing on MP3 and non supported filetypes.  A CDVD player, launcher program, that I suppose caters for Pirate games or back ups, and a config program for ULauncher F.  Not bad overall, hopefully we'll get emulators running on them maybe PGen and unlicensed Bubble Bobble.

Finally we have a recommendation for you, if you love acid and can see through the hype, check out Charanjit Singh on Youtube for some proto acid goodness its called 10 Ragas in a Disco style and will not disappoint all true acid heads.

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