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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A big shout out.

Now Listen.

Listen Again.  Your locked to the sound of King Tibbet.  Broadcasting on frequency of 90.6, Big shout out etc...

This post is a tribute to those who brought dance music home and proper broadcasting to the masses or at least those who could pick up a decent signal. Thanks to hearing an old Solid Steel mix in Music Exchange (and picking up Proteus Generation on the Djax Up Beats label there) we'll go on about the greatness of the pirates.

But mainly its about what again I can remember, yet again.  The main stations round our way were, Pulse FM, Phantasy, Laser (though no one remembers Laser not even me) and Chillin which still exists though its all Grime and hip hop shit nowadays.

Mainly it'll be about Pulse we'll be talking about, or Pulse FM this is Pulse FM broadcasting on a frequency of 90.6 as it was known to literally hundreds of people.  Back then I listened to a massive amount of dance music, not limited to hardcore and techno, leavened with a good dose of old house and acid, to tell the truth, sod all has changed.  Back then the only way to hear all this music was by someone rigging an illegal antenna to the top of a tower block and hopefully having enough juice to broadcast to the public before the DTI shut them down.
  Commercial radio as now was a complete no go if you wanted to listen to this type of music.  So armed with a few C90 tapes and a portable boombox we taped a lot of shows.

Or rather we taped a lot of Aphrodites shows.  He had an old skool house slot at 2-4 on a sunday afternoon and as I love old skool house, we taped those.  We still have the tapes so maybe we should start digitising and uploading them before they become lost.   Looking at their facebook page it gives a little info to who everyone was.  Most were record shop owners and DJ's (we often wondered where they got the records from) and there were a couple of people I remember from my record collection.

Funkie Junkie, was more prog house / trance orientated, I think we have a bit of  him on tape.
DJ Sky, She had a techno show on a Saturday night at 6pm. We have a bit of this when Aphrodite covered it and a broken tape featuring Disintegrator (John Selway) and Mike Ink's 5 Years On Acid.
Sadly Pirate radio turned into drum n bass radio around 94-95 with some cockbone chatting over the top thus annoying millions.

Although Chillin FM would continue to provide token techno support with DJ Paolo proving some good beats here, most of my time was spent elsewhere.

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