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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kinda like Kinder.

Kiiinderrrrrr. Chocadooby, TOOOOY. Hallo viewers, you may think I've lost my mind when they say they've made a video game out of Kinder everyones favourite choccy egg. Rather than star the sinister egg beast, its based on their Happy Hippo range of collectable toys, and was only released in Germany.

But first a little history for those who don't know or shock horror can't receive Kinder stuff. They are a popular European chocolate treat featuring two chocolate half shells and a plastic container either containing a self assembly toy or a fully formed figurine made out of plastic. Rarely though you'll get a small card puzzle to assemble. I've got a range of self assembly stuff including a dragon, a small toucan with mini crayons in and best of all a small ship. Figurines range from the aforementioned Happy Hippo, Nobita from Doraemon and a load of ghosts and a few lions from what we called the Leofelcher range, though I suspect they have a non perverted original name.

I don't know if the Happy Hippos have any love on the continent but they barely register here, they are also a sweet too, being largely sesame covered biscuit with a rank hazelnut center, a part of the trinity of vile snacks shared by Kinder Malo and Pork Scratchings for sheer hideousness.

Called das geheimnis der Happy Hippo insel or the secret of happy hippo island via Google translate it was a child friendly platformer that got a release in Germany only, and only for Gameboy Colour. It was produced by JoWood and involves you hippo travelling across Happy Hippo Island avoiding all manner of beasties and putting out fires and animals set ablaze! by the volcano. Across the way you'll save other Happy Hippos and learn all manner of passwords and cheat codes to help you on your way. Attacks are by lobbing water bombs and coconuts at enemies, and later on a sonicesque ground roll.

The first thing you'll notice is that theres no lives at all just a water bar that when depelted will kill off your hippo. You have essentially infinite lives though and whereas contact with enemies, regular platforming environmental hazards like leaps of faith and coconuts will kill you off, theres no real way to die, meaning no matter how much you suck, you'll still make it through.

Graphics are quite nice, don't know how many onscreen colours the GBC could do, but theres some good gradient fills there. Sound also is good, plenty of decent chiptunes here for your pleasure, look on Youtube under its German name to find them. Gameplay as I mentioned is on the easy side, but is perfect for kids whether they know German or not.

We do not know if they work but I'll print up all the cheats to the game, you get these after clearing every level.

Key, D= DOWN, U= UP, L = LEFT, R = RIGHT


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