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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Copywring your bloody neck.

Lets be honest here, we really don't like Youtube at the moment, and its all down to arse witted, money grabbing copyright cunts. We tend to use a lot of copyright stuff whether its videos or music thats the perils of making cut ups. Whereas, a few were silly mistakes (putting a video of N-Dubz over a home made mix of MC Lyte and To Rococo Rot) that we could easily pull, the other is much less defensible. And for that you'll need background.

Thanks to a post on, someone linked to Neil Baldwins NES music and reminiscence site. He did the music for many things but stand out stuff would be Jungle Book for NES, which was awesome. On the site, he made an excellent version of Colonel Abrams seminal 1986 hit Trapped. I had the original vinyl in my collection so after a few listens to the chip version and pulling the original out of the collection when randomly picking records, we decided to add the acapella from the B side on top of Neils version, in Goldwave.

Digitising it from the original was no problem, but mixing in the vocals really took a lot of fine tuning. To be honest I'm still not happy with it, but it works in places and its certainly no worse than the original, which i've mentioned above is pretty good. So after about 2 months up and less than 30 views we found out that UMG has blocked it seemingly world wide (apparently its still available in subspace and Hyrule, I'm joking). Oh and here.

We worked long and hard to get that running right, and to be honest for the audience share I pull, its very heavy handed. The only other copyright stuff they've flagged, puts up a file saying contains media from such and such a place when it plays so it would be hardly rocket science to do the same. In fact the more I think of it the more I have an idea how it could work.

Seeing as music companies are losing ground to filesharers and pirates (though I would prefer to call them unofficial consumers / distributors) wouldn't it be nice to have an online place for buying music and limited consumer licences authorised from the company, for use in Youtube or Myspace or in any number of projects.

I'd like to think for double the price of a single download you would get a high quality wav. file version of the song you wanted, album art, a link in your email to add to Youtube or any video site redirecting to where you bought it and a limited license, that allows for non profit broadcasting, usage and home remixing, sampling. Or you could pay normal price just for the license rights to do the above. If you make music, hopefully you could then upload your mix and add it to the site, if it gains enough plays there would be the option to buy rather than listen.

It won't stop pirates or officious cunts from the performing rights society moaning but for those in between I think it would be the best of both worlds.

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