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Sunday, 21 March 2010

PCSX 2 Damnation update

"I'll get it working no doubt, 3 years from now with alternative plugins and a lot of cursing, but for now I'll give it a couple of years to see if the specs drop on this."

Hah more like 3 weeks.

We downloaded from Emuasylum, a beta version of PCSX2, and added the old plugins from a previous install. Plus three new Bioses. What do you know, not only does it keep our files, it even plays games inevitably with varying degrees of slowness, but by Dog it works.

So far Global Defence Force runs far too slow, Unlimited SaGa varies its speed, Shikigami No Shiro is slow (although this does make it more sporting) best of the lot is Raiden 3 which has some filtering but is at least playing at full speed.

Nice work PCSX2 team. Lets see what its like in 2 years time.

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