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Sunday, 7 March 2010

PS2 Emulation Damnation special,

Want to spend a hateful way of ruining a weekend, try configuring this bastard and by this bastard I mean PCSX2.

With a downloaded Playstation 2 Emulator and my trusty quad core PC + onboard graphics card that probably wont fit the required specs, we'll set out on the journey of a lifetime to actually get the bastard to work.

Step one. Go through several hoops on the extensive config screen.
Set up graphics display, check, make sure Direct X 9/10/11 is updated check.

Step two. Set up audio, and Lillypad oh and find a way of adding a PS2 pad to your PC cos it won't accept anything else. (Converter from Game will sort this, though they don't stock any PS2 hardware apart from Pads anymore).

Step three. Set up Drive plugins. These will be refused and in one case actually point to a D: drive instead of E:.

Step Four. Add a space for memory card loading this of course will be routinely ignored by the system.

Steps 5-8 Go through all that you need to go through oh and don't forget to torrent / grab a Bios Set from wherever you can, because they're not included.

Pressing set up means you'll get an error message that reads something like could not read null please redo the above steps over again.

Redoing the above steps will get you the actual load screen of the PCSX2 and then you insert a game and it all goes to hell. In my case not read the memory card location and then not open the DVD drive before failing spectacularly. Time to do steps 1-8 again Sysiphus.

Incidentally I had less headaches setting up PS1 Emulation than this and that was down to Plugins and drama. I'll get it working no doubt, 3 years from now with alternative plugins and a lot of cursing, but for now I'll give it a couple of years to see if the specs drop on this.

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