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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thou hath wasted thy time

Theres a special circle of hell reserved for people and not just those I've met and work with, but a special type of person, those who add spurious lists to any net description or indeed ones site description who's site is basically a list of words. You may have come across these as 'Free Viagara' or porn site descriptions to videos in which the description itself is just a string of random words combo'd together to make a sentence.

For an example a site may describe itself as, Auto exploding dadaist paedocide, Donkey Kong spanner jizz carnival tragedy fuck Gaby Roslin nude Hackuss me do dot com here rubus.

Really, whats the point most people either think you're an attention seeker or worse a retard from an adsite with nothing better to do than lazily fill out google ranking with your nonsense words in the hope of an easy mark.

And if you do visit, it'll only be some malware ridden cunt storm of a site, you won't find any self exploding dadaist paedokongs or Incestmules or indeed chinese cockpills free or otherwise.

Underage 18 year old's is one I've also come across (Mrs) which is similarly self defeating, you're either underage or legal, never both at the same time. That's just a paradox waiting to happen.

That and non event Celeb Pr0n (I.E bait site as outlined above) as the biggest ever worst waste of net time ever.

Maybe if there is ever an internet police then they'll come up with a charge of wasting surfers time. I doubt it, but in that case just follow the picture's above advice.

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