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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hey ho, it's the Griffin hill show.

Finally I've done something I can be proud about, you may remember from my last post that I railed against Anti and indeed pro Nazism in general and mentioned a bit that we were hacking Nick Griffin's Question Time debut into irrelavence. Well all that is done, and it's probably the best Edit I've ever made. We'll put it up on youtube when we have the balls to and link it here of course.

But for the meantime a brief bit on Nazi Nick. We deleted all the video clips I had of the show as well as a few bits on BBC news and the politics show with the scotch bloke in (name escapes me at the moment). I did liken him to a Right wing version of Ralph Bates, star of old sitcom Dear John, but that is kinda untrue. Repeated exposure to his weird mannerisms and voice, I now believe he's channelling both Basil Brush and Chris Tarrant from Millionaire as well.

Looking over the footage is surreal, every question is aimed directly at him, nothing to Baroness Warsi, nothing to Bonnie Greer or Jack Straw (who always comes across in my eyes like a concentration camp doctor, its the glasses, I'm sure). Questions really should have been asked at the Beeb why give him airtime in the first place, when the outset would be hardly the model of fairness and impartiality that would normally be the case.

Seeing that every question was about race and racism they may have well called it Nick's Nazi chestbeating hour and invited the audience to publicly kick him in the balls for the entire duration, possibly that is TV gold.

In fact as an antidote to this I'll go on about something else entirely. Funerals and a strange one at that. Heads up dudes, how many funerals have you seen with a hearse, a Motorbike and Sidecar and a stretch limo. Conceiveably the first you'd expect but not all three, well they had all three at the one I saw. It was an ex tenant who passed away, I believe it was the nice old lady who always asked to do her patch of landing outside her flat. She really gave no indication that she was a biker or liked motorbikes, but there you go.

There were lots of flowers which was put onto the motorbike and sidecar and the guests all trooped off into a stretch limo. It looked superb and I hope everything went well for them.

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