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Monday, 18 January 2010

Pachislot Funeral go go go!

Well its as I've predicted, though haven't said as much, after the funeral comes the customary dumping of peoples belongings out by the bins. An existential dumping in the bin of a persons life. Its weird poking through someones life, through whats parcelled up in a black bag. Largely Tena ladies and crockery, though we have some good stuff.

First up is a programme guide to the 1996 Benson and Hedges Snooker grand prix, (2010 event won by Mark Selby, fact fans), back in the day when you could get away with fag sponsorship, who remembers when it was the Embassy world championship, I think its now either poker or insurance that sponsors it now. Snooker players looking younger, a non grey Nigel Bond, Mark Williams in the first flush of youth and the Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan barely out of short trousers.

There were a lot of tapes and CDs largely old folks faves, Cliff Richards and Barry Manilow. We got a stapler that didn't work and a rubber shaped like a book. Nice.

In other news a trip to Orpington we found that there's a Yatterman Pachislot stuck in the window of a carousel arcade. There's another one but largely its Yatterman that sticks in the mind here. Not that the English particularly know what a Pachislot is, (A fruit machine that you can stop each reel as it spins rather than the western one button hit) but that whenever one is spotted and they're not hard to spot, that they're stuck in the front windows of an arcade.

Lowestoft had Aruzes Surftrip in the window and that's the only other one I can think of so far.
The general jist is this, Pachislot (possibly because they are small) are never set up for play. Regular arcades have maybe one or two types of slot, a quiz machine if lucky (their only sop to proper arcade gaming) and rows upon rows of fruities, maybe a penny falls if you're lucky / at the seaside. A shame really as they really look fun.

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