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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hostage in Hammersmith

For the past few days I've had the most oddest thing happen to me, I've had records being held hostage so to speak from me.  The worst thing about this is how banal this actually is and has some parallels with Byuu and his recent drama with some PAL Snes games lost via USPS. 

I'll start with my story, a few days off from work and that and a trip out to Hammersmith on the other side of town.  A few successful things found including some Orbital CDS (Satan and Peel Session mainly) and quite a bit of over priced vinyl that included some that weren't priced up but were sufficiently new to me to pique my interest.  These included the Justin Robertson Mixes of Boss Drum by The Shamen and a Josh Wink remix of N-Joi Bad Things two cracking mid 90's dance cuts that I'll conservatively price at £3 for arguments sake.

Sadly though, these weren't priced and they couldn't sell them to me but the woman in charge said she would put them aside for me with my name on them and if I came back tomorrow she said they would be priced and ready to go.  So I decided to come back on the Friday and see if anything had changed but, nothing of course has.  I was told by a different woman that the person who prices vinyl wasn't in. 

So I'll leave it a week and come back and see if my situation has changed, but in the meantime my records remain hostage until someone comes back and prices them out.

In  the meantime have a look at a racially insensitive comedians record from Rhodesia that was also on sale there.

Futi Chilapalapa by Wrex Tarr.

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