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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Pewdiepie and Nazi's and humour and that.

Pewdiepie is an actual racist, he's a full on 1488er that want's to exterminate the Jews and that or so if you buy into what the press is saying about this depressing outrage over latest vids and such. 

To be honest I don't care about Pewds, I've seen his videos once or twice but to be honest I thought fun that they are they're not for me. My cousin seemed to rate him though which is something I guess but as I say it was just more promoted Youtube bollocks, like kids react will it blend or Jenna Fucking Marbles.

Apparently though he was a full on hitler youth If you believe the Wall Street Journal and he's managed to piss off Disney who were promoting and advertising with him.  All I can say is good on yer mate, online advertising is cancer and if you've ever surfed without adblock you'll know how bad the net can be especially on the pron side of things.  Yeah it seems he was doing this to troll his advertisers and isn't a Nazi at all, just a bit of black humour.

On a side note as google is being cunty at the moment we finally got the Kangz leaflet off of my old PC and will share it here as it doesn't like it me editing the original post.

Aboriginal Morgan Freeman approves.

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