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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Xmas is coming

Not much doing this week gearing up for Christmas and the like, have all my presents bought and wrapped  and a stupid works night out at the end of the week coming so really not looking forward to that.

Here is a round up of things and a list of stuff to read that will tide you over till I get a lot more time.

How Kenny Loggins Spoiled Christmas.

Mr Biffo The Digitiser Years. Starts at page 10 but with links to the earlier parts and well worth a browse me do.

Tutankhamun Tomb has hidden passages.  In fact I'm reminded of Alan Alford on the great pyramid here that the only way to know what lies within is to smash your way in.

Furthermore I have something that is an idea at the moment a non Christmas, Christmas album and that. Sure everyone loves a bit of Jona Lewie and The Pogues Fairytale of New York but most Christmas No. 1s are not remotely Christmassy at all.  I'll need a bit more time on this but will see if I can drum up a list of Non Christmas Xmas songs.

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