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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Chrimbo update part 2

Hello loves, today is the music review of the year. Where I rattle through all that I've heard this year and what if anything made my favourites from 2015.  Tune in tomorrow for stuff I've missed such as Kate Winslett penguin adventure.

The good.

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime.

No I haven't taken a massive blow to the head involving concussion and that but the latest single Adventure of a Lifetime isn't bad, there's a bit here that could be done on a Roland 303 and yeah Coldplay plus Acid would be nice.  I'm still angry for them ripping off Computer Love though.

Aphex Twin.

Its been a bumper year for fans.  Two mini albums and a whole lot of Soundcloud releases for the classic stuff.  Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 is a bit hit and miss. Midi Pipe, Umil and Oberheim Blacet 3 are the best from this to be honest.  Much more interested with the Computer Controlled Instruments release as well much more interesting automated machine music.
Sound cloud wise (user 18081971 or whatever) he's been putting out stuff dug out of old tapes from the 90's and such.  Too many great tracks to go into here but if I list a few of my favourites you'll easily track them down.  14 Make a Baby (HAB2 off cut surely), 28 Organ, Early Morning Clissold, Parking Lot, 1 nocares will get you started and a there's a version of Avril 14th with the notes played in reverse order proving that even like this its still a fucking exceptional track.

Trip Records.

Nina Kraviz from Siberia has been putting out some classic techno with the help of some international friends and that.  Best of the lot is Steve Stoll D.U.M.B.O. which is a storming old skool acid techno track the kind you'd find turn up on Djax back in 94. I love it.

Taylor Swift (Bootleg Mashup).
Or rather Porno Swift.  I've done a few bootlegs of her music using classic porn themes only one is released so far,which is Porno Swift Debbie Does Dallas In Style.  Ironically her voice works well with the old boom chicka funk track.  There's also one that utilises Jackie Mittoo's Ghetto Organ and Shake Me Off, which is called Taylor Shakes off the Ghetto Organ.  Face it I monstered her last year due to what she said about 1989 and house, and I''ll say it again here.  If you were a white suburban American kid back in the late 80's then you wouldn't be listening to house you'd be listening to Debbie Gibson or Martika or Madonna when she was good.  You may have been going to the Muzicbox or some other club and that, but you didn't stick with it, which is why you call it EDM now instead of its proper names.

Other stuff that is also not released are John Legend / Squarepusher mash up All of Beepstreet and an Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do from fifty shades of BDSM and Billie Jean I Need You. Can remember the acapella of this dominating everything in the mix before I fixed the sound levels.  Pity she won't  do techno as she has a great voice when dubbed over mid 90's euro techno.

Merle Mimi Loves 2 Dance. Christabel Records.
Its Mervyn Sanders from ME and Virgo School Yard fame with a re released version track about his wife that originally came out in 1999 to no fanfare.  But its excellent and reminds me what house is like so its getting some praise here.

DJ Rashad I'm Gone. 
Footwork version of the Gil Scott Heron Junkie anthem Home is Where the Hurt is.  Periodically come back to this and just chill.  He had some talent Rashad but now he's gone.

The Bad and indifferent.

Uptown Fuck Bruno Mars bandit and Mark Up yer Ronson

How I hate this track, its so overplayed, it sounds like a bad version of the Really Wild show theme when they break it down, and Mars is a punchable MJ light. I've been recently getting into the good old funk such as Curtis Mayfield and Marlena Shaw.  So I think I'm getting to know what the good old funk is like and this is not good at all.

Meghan Trainers Some stupid doo wop track.

Another over played piece of garbage and that is always played on the radio and that.  Its dumb and stupid and she slimmed down on this so isn't as fit as she was.  Really does anyone like doo wop at all, I thought it died in the mid 60's.

Adele Hello.

Its dull and worthy but I don't hate this much.  Partly because she can sing but also its dug up a memory of a horrible night on BBC1 with Graham Norton and her sounding like nan from Catherine Tate.  I just wonder who was taking a fucking liberty putting this out I lasted all of 5 minutes before I put her out of her misery and watched something less annoying (Bargain Cunt on Challenge).

There you go I've probably missed loads out and come the middle of 2016 I'll have found me an new favourite track I'd never heard off. I'll just say that David Zowie House Every weekend isn't too bad and if you love your acid then Posthuman are definitely worth a look.

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