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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fully xxxpanded

Kicked out a particularly nasty virus this past couple of days.  Win.32 Banker according to Avast, did a boot time scan to root it out and a follow up scan to see if everything was caught.  Been having unexplained crashes for a while and blamed it on a windows update going rogue, everything would be fine until it wasn't and would freeze you out so the only thing to do was unplug and reboot, I'm pretty sure it was downloading random apk. files that got me this as well.  Which brings us onto our main story.

We grabbed a little Micro SD card from the floor of one of the blocks at work, its got a few nice things including some porno (hint we never find porn,) and a few tracks by some grime artists. The pron ain't all that, think more hard faced teens rather than amateur stuff and a lot of screen grabs including stuff from adultwork. 

The main odd thing I've come across is an APK. file for one of the innumerable shake and grind channels from the upper reaches of Sky's channel guide.  You know the deal, they play some decent music and have the roughest slags available, shake their ass live, you never see any gash, and once in a while they'll be a half way decent girl on without tattoos or that heavily made up.  It isn't that erotic and quite frankly does nothing for me, so was quite surprised to see that there was a download of this in the download folder.

What it does.
From what I could tell from Bluestacks not much, at least it worked (Terra Battle and Puzzle and Dragons of which I've downloaded a few times now have never worked).  It gives you a list of phone lines to the girls online and a chance to look at their profile and hear an audio message or see a seawater quality clip of them try to act sexy through all the artifacts onscreen.  I wouldn't recommend opening up Audacity, selecting stereo mix from the drop down list and clicking record before you play the clip.  and I especially wouldn't recommend exporting the clip to use as free samples.  I suppose if you wanted to try it out on your phone you could actually dial the number and waste a bunch of money on some sex line but seeing as its going nowhere near my phone and as far as I can tell Bluestacks doesn't let you ring anyone its pretty much redundant.

Apart from that it did fuck all else, no live streams like on their site or TV schedule with the same 4 manky brasses.

 In fact if you are going to go anywhere near teh pron, then I would suggest this course of action.
Get antivirus up to date.
Same with any anti malware.
Add Noscript and an ad block to any browser you use 
They'll whinge like fuck when you visit but you can add just enough stuff so it'll play without you being bothered by ads and stuff.

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