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Friday, 4 September 2015

Stasis of heaven.

Another Hiatus coming, which is why you have a Friday post instead of a Sunday one.  Surfing on anything less than a full size screen is pretty painful for me so you wont see me for some time.  I'll leave you with a few things to chew over.

As a godless soulless robot, I've read many tracts trying to tell me the wonders of gods plan and that and have come across some pretty fucked up stuff in my time.  Today I've found what could be the worst thing ever, it wasn't unreadable or hectoring as usual, far from it it actually was quite readable for once, it failed in its point entirely.

The pamphlet itself was trying to tell me the wonders of heaven and god's word, how they are unchanging and so wonderful and it just clicked with me, it described gods plan as a kind of autism.  Unchanging, relying on stupid rituals, and indifferent to those around us (you may think your prayers are answered but god doesn't do jack.)

The wonders of heaven are never really explained properly, just an eternal lifetime with god full on bliss, you know like in the Matrix before Morpheus offers the red pill to Keanu Reeves so he comes to his senses, and just like in the Matrix there really is no spoon (heaven). As an autistic it actually fills me with dread that heaven is basically an extension of my life, isolating, bound by ritual I can't explain and stultifying.  They have a saying that gods word is the same then as it is now, and that's not a good thing.

We update science books with new knowledge when our old ways are found to be incorrect, we don't update our Bibles or Korans when these are found to be deficient. The original analogy of heaven being the same is based on a faded seaside resort (kinda like Frinton on sea), that seems preserved in aspic rather than admit anything modern.  Its the place that still has Golliwoggs, because they're traditional, regardless of any ethnic sensitivity and its a place where nothing ever moves, grows or progresses.  The original tract was quite adamant about this was a bad thing that life was impermanent, rather than a good thing.

Another thing it touched on was dealing with hell, what kind of crime demands you that you suffer for all eternity, even the worst criminal doesn't deserve this, what kind of god would let someone suffer like that. It makes no sense, the punishment fits the crime, there's no chance for any recidivism upon the part of the perpetrator, apart from a mealy mouthed, well you should have accepted Jesus in life.  Of course my real bugbear with the whole thing is forgiveness, you can accept Jesus and go to heaven when you die regardless of your actions.  Kill a bunch of people, accept Christ in jail, bingo you've got a ticket to heaven, god doesn't care that you are still a murderer, only that its been forgiven.

It really makes me sick to hear this all the time.

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