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Sunday, 21 June 2015

A milestone of such.

Didn't realise this until I checked in but this will be my 333rd post up here, not that you get anything for this, just noted and that.

Its a bit of a round up special this time with some weird RPGs on Android / PC, a brief bit more on the Vita SDK and finally Mitchum.

Odd RPG's
Been going through an old copy of Famitsu at bedtime, its the issue where they talk to Prof Layton developer Level 5 about stuff, but that's not why I'm here, they have a strange Japan only RPG selection for PC and Mobile.

So far I've seen one where your avatars are cars in female form, there's a Toyota, a Nissan and what I think is a Mitsubishi all represented by anime girls.  There are a few more weird ones

Weird tower making sim with girls wielding tools.

WW2 war sim with girls taking the place of tanks and planes and that.

Oh and Animal X Monster for Android.  Some weird Pachinko rpg free 2 play thing for mobiles.
Stream here.  Skip ahead to 10 min mark for action, looks much more fun than regular Pachinko.

Incidentally there are no translations or anything so if you want to test these out and are fluent or have access to the Japanese google Play store see what they're like as I doubt they'd run in blue stacks.


Finally saw an ad for this on TV (though still no actual product in the shop).  For those following for a while I did a post on how I did a bit of market research/ focus testing for them awhile back.  I got £5 for my troubles and never saw anything of it. Looks like nothings changed.

Vita SDK.

There's a bit more on this at Yifan Lu's site and a write up on some technical hacking bits and bobs.  Its quite involved the hack and required you to be part of the Sony Publisher license (now defunct).   If you went through all these hoops and such, you could run homebrew stuff on Vita (not piracy) so get coding those emulators.

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