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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Playstation 20 Junk Tour.

This is going to be a disappointing junk tour, as like my previous non trip to a MSG event I never found the object of my travels.  This year is the 20th anniversary of the Playstation 1 or next year if you aren't Japanese.  Still have my one bought for £80 with 3 ace games Tekken 3, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7 though like all my consoles its not been booted up in ages.  I'm digressing yet again as Sony have set up a little pop up shop in Bethnal Green to celebrate the fact and sell off special edition PS4s for £20 (long, long sold out) along with other merchandise.

With that in mind we decided  to hell with Xmas shopping and lets see what all the fuss is about and if I fail to find it look around the Museum Of Childhood as a consolation.  Well guess what, I settled for the consolation prize.

Decided to look around the Museum first and nothing much has changed since I was last there, they have some hideous mutant, body horror tea party going on in the foyer.
Like old Polish cartoons
Words cannot really describe how rank these dolls were, and took a few shots of them for posterity.  Found  a few things this time that I missed out on last time.  Including their console rack, which consists of an original XBOX and an Amstrad CPC complete with tapes, its weird what they archived there, I could have given them my old C64 if they so cared.

Having had enough there, decided to poke around the town itself to see if I could find the pop up and see if its worth it for a junk tour.  The short answer is no, there is only one charity shop which was selling a strange mix of CDS (still have to check out who Popo Kibuto were, they seemed to be Japanese and Jazz) and strange Postcards (crab on wheels from the White Cliffs Experience in Dover).  Also their Cash Converters were selling Taiko No Tatsujin portable for PSP for a quid, but sadly the mouth breather behind the till couldn't actually find the UMD for this.  Looking around it seems Bethnal Green is an Immigrant town, judging by the amount of ethnic shops and that, one butcher was selling off Halal deer meat, because venison is such a staple of near east cuisine (subs pls check).

Went up town after that as I couldn't top that, and hit the motherlode of CDs in Oxfam off of Drury Lane.
Aphex Twin Come To Daddy Single in a proto Syro sleeve. The Gentle People and a whole lot more.  They had people handing out Mountain Dew which is what piss looks like when radioactive and I'm reliably told that it tastes the same only with miles more sugar.  Gonna get some me Doritos and start reviewing shit!

Found the old magazine shop again which was ace and they had old forum magazines from the 70's and decided to buy one.  It is super boring nothing like what it became, no sex confessions but a few strange articles such as abortion and no adverts whatsoever.  Also didn't realise that there is a manga shop opposite or near enough, its called Adanami Shobo and some of the prices for stuff are staggering, I noticed some stuff were going for £90 or so.  Will have to have a look in to see if they have any Class King Yamazaki Tankobon or Iron Wok Jan.  Apart from picking up some Perseus Traxx tracks from Phonica that was it. Decided to go home.

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