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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Foreign TV

Holiday television then, what I watched on my two weeks off and my second post of the day.

Because there really wasn't any English channels to bother with, apart from the institutionally dull BBC World Service, these will be musings on non English speaking channels.  Also I tend to suffer from insomnia so some of these posts will be of interest to night owls only.  Lets roll.

English bits and bobs.

What we had was only news, this includes BBC Worse Service and Bloomberg and CNBC which are incredibly boring, which leaves a few channels that were in English but are really obscure.

BBC Bored Service.
Only useful for learning that Rik Mayall had died and that my dream of a shit world cup exists and is called the alternative world cup.

Sky viewers can get this on channel 509 and apart from a humourous and finally, piece about residents on Shanghai subway leaving watermelons around, didn't have much. They still have news read out by a creepy robot of an old man, which is nice.

UN1 / Jewish News One

Ukraine News, in English, had a piece about Ice Cream vans that looked like it was reporting from the heart of  a council estate.  Ceased broadcasting by the end of the holiday and seems to be dead.

Jewish News 1 I found only really kicked in the wee small hours so insomniacs could see news that Mount Siani was found in Israel.  Or an exhibition into the Jews who fought in World War One in the Jewish Museum in London (which actually looks really interesting).

La Dos.

Has programs in English and Spanish at around 6 am.  They are primarily for learning English but can be used for torture purposes due to extreme levels of bad acting.

Spanish Miscellany.

Just one item and a glorious one at that.  A Spanish spoof of  Sex and the City which I think was supposed to be Kim Cattrall yelling out My Boyfriend is a Fucking Liar at 9am in the morning.

Oh and porn fans will like to know that they have dirty dancing on Channels 8, BOM and up till 6 am, normal channels make do with live music which is nice.

A lot of German channels including a dull soap opera and a channel that is just a log fire burning (middle of the night again).  The greatest thing was seeing X Files movie in German (the one Where Billy Connoly is a paedo priest) and RTL NITROs version of Crown Court called Das Stafgericht and not as I previously though Kraut Court.  We have pictures of a couple of freaks and it isn't pretty.

Shirley from Eastenders

Don't know what he was up for possibly dog bumming.

Did badly this time, no closet lesbians, no Armenian TV, just a dull news channel and Shanson TV which is singing bad folk songs about the old country.

Or wherever TV Tamazight comes from, they had a bit of music and a ridiculous fight that I really should have cammed.  They also showed a picture of a scorpion which was nice, and an old man jamming on two keyboards at once which was really cool.


We fancied the woman from the shopping channel and tried not to laugh at the digi style signs they put up advertising stuff.
Apart from that this is the end of that.

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